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Interviews & Transcripts

  • All witness interviews, from both SBCSO and SOSO
  • Preliminary Hearing transcripts
  • Penalty phase transcripts
  • Sentencing phase transcripts, including victim impact and defendant
  • Trial transcripts, including never before seen-sidebar conferences

Police & Misc. Reports

  • All police reports both from San Bernardino Sheriff,s Dept. Arid -San
    Diego sheriff’s Dept.
  • All Search warrants, including probable cause statements
  • All expert reports, both from defense and prosecution
  • DNA electropherograms and reports
  • San Diego Detective’s handwritten notes

Financial Documents


  • Financial documents, including bank records, check copies,
    spreadsheets etc.
  • Pay-Pal records, both Mcstay’s and Kavenaugh’s

Phone & Tower Records

  • All phone records, including both Joseph and Summer Mcstay’s, Dan
    Kavenaugh’s, Susan Blake’s, Michael Mcstay’s, and of course Charles



  • Truck video evidence
  • Audio Recordings
  • Photo Evidence

Trial Documents

  • Primary motions, such as, motion for a new trial, motion for
  • Judicial recusal, etc.
  • Opening an closing argument transcripts

What you can expect from Mr. Merritt

  • His book, “‘THE PROSECUTORS PUPPETS”, Shattering the myth of due process. which will include chapters that navigate the complex chain of events that put him on Death Row. Chapters like;
      1.  “The hypothesis of guilt”, describing, from the prosecution -teams perspective, the evidence they allegedly believed proved his guilt
      2.  “The Investigation”, which begins to reveal some of the secrets the prosecution hid, and the reasoning behind these secrets
      3. “‘The E-Mail” , In this chapter he unravels the content of an e-mail that prosecutors allege reveals a motive to murder
      4. “Motive” , Continuing to navigate the complex web the prosecution presented in regard to motive
      5. ”The checks” , A comprehensive dive into not only the checks the defendant wrote after the family disappeared, but how the prosecution used this evidence to convince the jury of guilt
      6. “Alibi”, A detailed look into one of the most contested subjects in the prosecution of this case
      7.  ”DNA in the Trooper”, A continuation of the “Alibi” chapter that directly deals with DNA evidence that the prosecution asserts is inculpatrory
      8. ”Truck video”, A highly contested event broken down into easy to understand components, revealing just how far the prosecution was willing to go to affect a conviction
      9.  And much much more
  • A comprehensive look into the phone tower evidence the prosecution presented, including a detailed account of what a Special Agent of the FBI, Agent Kevin Boles, was willing to do to assist the prosecution in their bid for a conviction
  • A detailed perusal of the DNA evidence from the Isusu Trooper
  • In addition, Mr. Merritt will be adding content on a regular basis.
    These additions will include a disection of every aspect of not only the prosecutions case in chief, but purported defense to it. Revealing actions, and inaction, by both prosecutors and defense counsel alike that will astound even the most cynical of our justice system. Unfortunately, you will find in these pages .that even the trial judge was not immune to the strings being pulled
  • You will also have the opportunity to ask Mr. Merritt any question you deem appropriate in your quest to understanding. Whether personal, or evidenciary in nature, he will respond candidly
  • In addition, if there is a subject that you would like Mr. Merritt to address in more detail, or, one he or this website has failed to include, feel free to put in a request on our question and answer section and he will attempt to oblige

Anything not on the list that you believe is necessary to do a full evaluation of the case, if available, will be provided added upon request

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